We Help Executives and Professionals

Navigate Through Grief

For You

After loss - a loved one or treasured opportunity - it is time to chart a new course for your life.

The executive journey is different, because the factors that once helped you succeed are now in your way!

Recharting is a unique coaching service working with leaders and professionals who are ready to re-balance  and change course.

Friends & Family

Watching a friend or family member experience grief can be as stressful as the grief itself! You feel powerless to help, and "I will be thinking about you" seems so trite.


A gift card for the ReCharting Initial Consult is a powerful way for you to help. You introduce the concept of coaching, and give them the first piece of the puzzle. While the rest is up to them, your encouragement is a powerful motivator for them to start!


Your critical staff have a unique experience of grief after a loss. Their drive, competitiveness, and focus actually work against them here, impairing their ability to recover from grief and get ‘back to normal.’

Based on direct experience of executive grief, as well as work with clients worldwide, ReCharting is a results-driven process to get your critical staff member back on course.

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