A ReCharted Life


ReCharting is based on the experiences of Stephen Sopko, entrepreneur, executive, consultant, and certified professional coach.

His resume (see below) was derailed by a loss when his wife of 21 years died from cancer. As a VP at a large software company, and sudden single dad, Stephen began a journey through grief and the recharting of his own life.

At the end of that process, in a new family, new city, new start-up, and with a lot of lessons learned, he was ready to get his life back underway. Today he is happily married with 3 teenaged sons, and in 2018 decided he wanted to learn how to help others through the same journey. He became a certified professional coach through iPEC and now offers coaching through what he calls the ReCharting process.

Stephen's professional background includes:

  • Currently the Chief Operating Officer of a successful professional services company (Palisade Compliance) with hundreds of worldwide clients including household names in technology, retail, and manufacturing

  • Consulted with clients (including IBM, HP, and Marathon) on process design and reinvention

  • Led the Europe, Middle, East, and Africa business practices and contracts organization for Oracle - as Vice President responsible for over 300 staff across 62 countries

  • Employee #7 of a startup offshoring/onshoring company who are today the leader in that field

  • Led the negotiating and proposals team at Dell Computer for public sector (state, local government, university & K12 education, healthcare)

  • Led technology procurement for a century-old oil & gas company

  • Veteran of the US Air Force where he was a contracting officer as the former Soviet Union opened to research contracting, along the way negotiating with Nobel prize winning scientists

Stephen's LinkedIn profile may be viewed here.

ReCharting is an offering from Stage 2 Holdings, LLC.