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Your key leaders are not only important for what they do, but also for the tone they set throughout your organization. When one of those leaders loses a family member or experiences a profound setback, it impacts more than just their performance, it cascades to others.


The same drive and traits that make them a key player are now getting in their way. Emotion they once properly channeled now may make them a loose cannon!


The ReCharting program allows them to put their grief in perspective, better understand what is happening to them, and regain their balance while they chart a new course. Your investment not only avoids months of lost productivity, it creates a real opportunity to build loyalty.

ReCharting offers 2 packages to support executive and professional staff through recovery, they are:

ReCharting Balance

Course work plus 3 intense sessions over 1 month

This offering enables an understanding of the grief process, empowering the client to bring their emotional states into balance.

ReCharting Recovery

Course work plus 6 sessions over 3 months

The Recovery program works with the client to not only bring their emotional state into balance, but also to identify what their original course was, how it has changed since their loss, and what their new course should be.

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